mánudagur, september 24, 2007

The English

I read in Morning Paper on saturday that Ágúst Ólafur want to talk English now which is what I am very happy about because it is like i always sayd, you have to talk the english!!!! if you want to be succesfull in you know like buisness and sell stocks. Which is because I very like this idea take up the English!!!! ;-) Than we can forget about the Passíusálmar and some shit ;-) Because the banks they cant talk the icelandic because that just means minnkandi hagvöxtur so that just means straightforwardly that we all have to talk the english. And because, how are we going to keep up the Icelandic we are so small. I am very happy and because, I am going to speak onlky English now because I learn it from Simpson and Friends and evereybody is telling me that wow I talk the great English. And just judging from the political its just the commonest sense. Because bow everybody are doing that now on the Earth. And when i am being gradeueted from the buisness MBA in Bifröst universcity i'll be good because teacher say I'm the best in class in the english that I get award for.